Children’s books to understand emotions


There’s no better feeling than seeing a child losing themselves in the world of a favorite fictional character.

The benefits of reading go far beyond literacy: An emerging body of research brings to light how stories have the undeniable power to bring emotions to life, and help children understand and handle their own feelings and those of others.

The process of understanding and managing feelings and emotions usually happens quite naturally when children are given ample opportunity to:

  •         authentically feel a range of feelings
  •         have a chance to reflect on their feelings and decisions
  •         problem solve as they grow and learn
  •         observe others experiencing a range of emotions and feelings

Reasons to Consider Pet Adoption

Adopting a pet has many advantages, some of which you may not have thought of. Here are some reasons why pet adoption would benefit you and your family.


You are saving a life – The most obvious reason of them all is you are saving an animal’s life.  By adopting from a shelter, you are providing an animal with the second chance they deserve. Shelters work tirelessly to nurse animals to optimum health, rehabilitate disturbed animals, and do everything they possibly can to ensure they are prepared to go to a new home. By adopting a pet you can give an animal that has lost their home through no Read More...