Engaging and helpful books with relatable characters

Reading allows children to develop social skills, build their “empathy muscle”, and develop their vocabularies.

Each of the books focus on a different life event. In Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home, we follow Roxie from her foster home to her forever home, watching as she experiences a variety of emotions through the experience. In Roxie the Doxie The New Dog At School, Roxie is the new student at a school, and just as a child would have to quickly learn new skills and make new friends, Roxie must face many real life scenarios over her first week at school.

Both books allow a parent or caregiver to start a conversation about challenges in a non threatening, engaging and fun fashion. Both books come with a parent conversation guide written by a clinician, intended to help parents craft a conversation with a child.

Our Books Help Children Navigate Life's Challenges


How this book can help children through the adoption process, welcoming adopted children into their home, joining step and blended families, and through other family transitions.


"Roxie the Doxie is a heartwarming story that will appeal to all children, and an excellent book that will help parents begin a discussion with their child about transitioning to a new home."

Meet the Real Roxie!

A Photo Gallery about the real Roxie whose story inspired the book – where children can contact Roxie and ask questions about adoption and other family transitions and challenges.


Roxie The Doxie Finds Her Forever Home
Let adorable Roxie the Doxie calm your nerves! What a runway to calm nerves before a big change or something nw, with cute dogs by your side. Complete with parents guide and a section on the real life Roxie, this book has been a repeat visitor to the reading stack many time for my 8 year old. She enjoys the relatable story line and whimsical are, and I enjoy the starting point to important conversations. Great book

Tammy Hommann, MD

Beautifully written children’s book. Loved it!
I’d highly recommend this beautifully written and illustrated children’s book about Roxie the Doxies first day in obedience school. It will be easy to draw comparisons to come of the things that children are concerned about on their first day of school.
They wonder about things like if they’ll fit in with the other children and if they’ll be able to make new friends, or they may be concerned about if the teacher will like them, etc. This is the 2nd book in the Roxie the Doxie series and I hope that Jody will continue writing new books in they series. I also love the Parent and Child Conversation guide in the back of the book. Be sure you also pick up a copy of her first book. Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home.


A must read for adoptive families, blended families, siblings welcoming a new baby or any family going through transitions. I am the mom of two beautiful adopted kids, well, young adults now, and I certainly could have used this book when my children were little. I bought this book for a friend who adopted his 3 year old nephew. After reading it, I ordered 4 more!
Kids are not small adults. They have yet to master abstract thinking and this book with its beautiful illustrations makes it easy for young ones to understand. It’s told through a dog’s point of view not a little girl or boy’s point of view, so the story and message is just sweet and light.
This book is accompanied by a guide for patents and therapists. This indeed would have been helpful to me in those early ywca. My kids had losts of questions and knowing what to say and how to say it didn’t always come easy. The advice, by the way, is spot on.

Maura McLarty