Roxie the Doxie Finds her Forever Home

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A Book To Help Children through Adoption
and Other Family Transitions

Join Roxie, a dachshund dog, as she makes the transition from her temporary “Foster” home to her new “Forever” home. Based on a real dog’s story, the book is designed to help children through the complicated, often uncertain process of adoption. It shows children that it is perfectly normal to be afraid or anxious, and to ask questions, and most importantly that everything will work out all right. Roxie’s transition allows children to understand and express their feelings in an easy, fun way without feeling threatened.

Roxie the Doxie will also help children in welcoming step siblings and adopted children into their home, joining blended families, or moving between one separated parent and another.

The book also includes a Parent & Therapist Guide for Adoptive Families written by professional therapists to help adult caregivers and clinicians in guiding children through the adoption process and answering questions they may have. Learn More >>

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About the Book

How this book can help children through the adoption process, welcoming adopted children into their home, joining step and blended families, and through other family transitions.



"Roxie the Doxie is a heartwarming story that will appeal to all children, and an excellent book that will help parents begin a discussion with their child about transitioning to a new home."


Meet the Real Roxie!

A Photo Gallery about the real Roxie whose story inspired the book – where children can contact Roxie and ask questions about adoption and other family transitions and challenges.